Monday October 25, 2004
the wheel keeps on turning

Last week, things happen very quickly after I resigned. Wednesday afternoon saw my supervisor beckoning me into a spare office (inspiring the usual guilty, fearful flutter in my belly) only to offer me a quick exit if I so wanted.

"Well you're leaving to go contracting, there's not much work on here, so if you can get everything flat by Friday, you can go if you'd like to. What do you think?"

And that, as they say, was that.

Thursday was a frenzy of getting my final Newsletter written and edited for the designers, and Friday consisted of some quick edits, a few questions, an interview at my second recruitment agency, and gutting out my pigsty of a desk. Let's not even mention the disorganised jumble that was (and still is) 'My Documents'.

Oh. And I called my other recruitment agency to let them know I was finishing a week early. Here's how that call went:

goldie: Hi, I'm calling for Samantha to let her know I'm done with this place early.
Receptionist: Oh good! Let me just see if there's anything in the system for you already.
goldie: *impressed*
Receptionist: Ah... Rachel actually has a 3 month government contract as a Communications Manager that is likely to go ahead.
goldie: *indraws breath at the mention of that currently dirtyword 'government'*
Rachel: Hi. They'd love you. It's a career move. They're paying $6-8 more an hour than your previous salary, so no 3-steps-backwards money-wise. Oh. And did I mention it's in IT contracting for whole-of-government? I reckon you'd have a ball.
goldie: *considers* well, maybe it doesn't sound tooo bad...
Rachel: Great. I'll call you.

So I was a little overwhelmed. I almost feel Maine-like*. I mean, I'd kinda gotten used to the whole Internode idea. But hey. I'm spontaneous.

Later Friday afternoon...

Rachel: OK, they did love you, just like I said. They wanted you in for an interview with senior management at 9am Monday morning, but I convinced them you'd want a sleep in on your first day of holidays.
goldie: *radiates with love for this particular recruitment agency*
Rachel: so I told them you'd be in at 11. You're a shoe-in.

Wish me luck!!!!

*Maine has this uncanny ability to quit jobs only to end up with something better career-and-money-wise.

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