Tuesday December 14, 2004
work it baby

I've been a Manager for a week now. It's taking a while to adjust.

I mean the first thing I did, of course, was think back to all the managers I haven't liked or didn't work well with. Sadly, they slightly outnumbered those on the positive side. And it's not like I'm grotesquely detestable in the workplace or anything.

This makes me rather nervous.

Also, when I won the job, it was over a fantastic guy in my team who has worked there for 10 years and is about 15 years my senior. He's been amazing about the whole thing, but of course he's bitterly disappointed, and being that I'm a cutthroat career girl with ...erm... feelings, well. It hasn't made me any less nervous.

Then I asked myself the following question. Do PR/Communication/Marketing Managers have blogs like this one? Cos I think I'm going to have to seriously reconsider how anonymous my online diaries are if I want to stay in an occupation where image is pretty much critical to getting the job done...

*sigh* I'm confuzzled!

posted by goldie @ 06:31 AM on 12.14.04
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