September 27, 2004

Channel 9 are actually going to start showing the second half of the final series of Sex and the City tonight. I won't have to be a poor, Carrie'n'Big-deprived Aussie girl anymore. Why in HELL they showed the first half in March-April and held the rest over til now, I'll never know. Prolly something to do with that Ratings Pie, and wanting an extra large share of same.

But I'm telling you now. If one more bloody Aussie TV network gets me hooked on one more TV series they've bought on the cheap from overseas, only to show 6 episodes during the Summer season, change its timeslot 3 times during that period, then move it to 1.30am for 3 more episodes (on 3 different nights mind you), and then not bother to finish the series at all... only to begin the second series in primetime a year later as if nothing happened (ala the Shield and Scrubs and countless others lately)...

Well. There will be bloodshed. Ooooh yes. *sharpens claws*


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September 19, 2004
it's that time again

ahhh! mikey gave me fair warning, but I read this entry anyway.

And what am I talking about? Survivor, of course. It starts Tuesday night for us Aussies. So we'll officially be 5 days behind devotees in the US.

*note to self: tread carefully 'round mikey's for the next few months* (even though he's always very diligent with his extended entries. I just suffer from an extreme lack of willpower)

Although I gotta say... am I the only one who's a little Survivor-ed out? This will technically be the third series in 12 months after all. Better watch out there Mark Burnett. All this Surviving and Firing. The reality gravy train's gonna pull into the terminus sometime very soon, Marky, especially if The Donald keeps on using The Apprentice as one big pimpage-vehicle for his Trumpire. And then where will you be, hmmm? Up some some 'desert' island's creek with out a paddle? ...with your own helicopter waiting to rescue you?

/slight overreaction

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