December 03, 2004
oh wow.

I seem to find myself nominated by some super-lovely people for best Aussie-Kiwi Blog at the 2004 Weblog Awards!

*is humbled, flattered and downright chuffed*

I'm not sure what I did right, but whatever it is, I promise to keep doing it. Thanks to those who thought of me, it's made my day :D.

Please, if it's not too much trouble, have a look at the stellar list of nominees and consider voting for me. If you have time and all. :D


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November 13, 2004

p-wonka.jpgCourtesy of Dark Horizons.

The thought of this man, in this role, with this man directing a story by one of the most darkly humourous and innovative writers of well... ever, is sending tingles to places in my body you prolly don't want to know about.

Aheh. Did I mention Mars (planet of passion) moved into Scorpio (planet of all things sexay, kinkay and downright evilicious) on Thursday? And, um, it's Spring Down Under? Plus, I'm feeling... you know... HAPPY (bordering on euphoric), for the first time in months?

Yep. I've never felt more naughty in my life. Be warned. Be very warned.

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October 25, 2004
Yeah baby!

I GOT IT! I actually got it! RAWR!

*runs around the room, just barely avoiding the bewildered cat*

Ahhhh. Some days, it's good to be alive *deep breath*!

The coolest thing? I went in, and I told the truth... About me. About what I've done. About what I like, and what I'm capable of. And they liked it. They liked me for me.

I have a good feeling about this. They're getting a temp for three months because they want to fill the role permanently (it literally takes that long to fill a gov position) and they have too much stuff going on to wing it til February. So if I do good... if I can prove myself, it may just mean a permanent possie in my dream role as a Communications Manager in three months time.

This chick told me to just have faith that the universe would look out for me. And how :). Thanks for all the good vibes from across the blogosphere this morning people. It really has meant the world to me!

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October 14, 2004
check that box baby! oh yeah!

When I met delicious!hubby, he introduced me (among other naughty things) to the concept of The List. Apparently (and even though he's Irish) it's some British Cultural Thing (Ian, can you confirm?!).

Essentially, The List is a constantly rotating set of 5 chicks who, if they knocked on the door and offered themselves to him, he'd be allowed to sweep off their feet and shag for the night. No questions asked, no holds barred, no tears n tantrums from the missus. The only rule is they have to be famous, or at the very least untouchable, of course.

There have been a few 'questionable' members of his List over the years, with J Lo being a prime example at one stage *ahem*. Right now though his favourite is Delta "She's lovely" Goodrem, with Penelope Cruz a close second. I was a bit iffy about Delta to begin with. I mean, she's Australian. There's only 20 million of us. She could knock on the door at any minute.

As for my List... well. Orlando Bloom may rate a mention, as may Damon Albarn, Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp and that cute guy in Neighbours (you know, the one with the great ass) whose name I always forget. If I were pressed to offer names of course. Any more would be telling. (OK, OK, I still have a thing for Joey McIntyre. Erm. Not.).

So I know you have one. Who's on your List?

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September 22, 2004

Blogger Boobie-thon is on again, supporting two causes close to my heart - breasts and cancer. I'll be in it. Join me if you dare!

Via the uber-scary, halloweeny Joelle.

UPDATE: 'Course, you lovely male people do realise that plenty of guys submit their racks to the Boobie-thon too, don't you? Males can still develop cancer of the boobies, so get a clicking! Harvey already has his shot ready to go...

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September 09, 2004
well when you put it like that

From Rob Brezsny's weekly astrology newsletter:

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you believe your body is inherently sinful or if you're offended by references to your private parts, stop reading now.


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