Tuesday December 21, 2004
movement at the station

Whew. In between Xmas activities (ranging from corporate to downright intoxicated in nature), new job, RedBug needing to be 'put down' (as it were), and then consequently having to buy my first ever new (to me) Big Expensive Sporty Car on the weekend... *breathes*... I managed to get all my Xmas cards written and sent. Woohoo!

*does a happy dance*

I really do hope the overseas ones make it there by Friday, but if not, merry new year to all.

Oh. And the car? A silver 2001 Mitsubishi Magna Executive Sports. Or something. I don't care. It has aircon and it's big and it's 3.5L and it has funky round taillights and we can take it on loooonnnngggg trips and damn, it feels like we're sposed to be taking it back to the hire car company.

I mean, I have a car loan now. And that whole manager thing... Does this mean I have to grow up???

posted by goldie @ 06:45 AM on 12.21.04
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