Sunday January 02, 2005
auld lang syne. and a hangover


Was waaay too hungover to post yesterday. However, it was International Hangover Day, so I figure I'm allowed *grin*.

First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! *sings, dances and lines blogroll up for snogs*

B) What do you think of my Shag-worthy summer skin? It's suummmmah Down Unnnnddaahhh, baby! This skin was a present from the gorgeously wonderful Cherry back in September. I've been waiting FOREVER to unveil it cos frankly, her work rocks. I was so flattered when she did this up as a surprise. Love your work honey!

And three, New Years Eve was 35 plus degrees celcius, and BLOODY BRILLIANT. Oh yeah, baby. Read on for chocolate n snogs galore, and throwing another shrimp on the brand new Barbie...

My mum gave us a tidy Coles Myer voucher, so just like almost all of our friends we got a Great Aussie BBQ for Xmas. So funny, 4 other people/couples we know were given BBQs by their parents. We must be at That Age.

And not just any BBQs. Four burner gas hotplate/grill BBQs. With HOODS. And SIDEBURNERS *faints*.

Last year's NYE was spent overlooking Sydney Harbour (see the banner above for a taste of that - gotta love Shag ;) so we didn't have any expectations for this year. As everyone knows, NYE turns out to be a disappointment more often than not. And last year... well. There was, and still is, no fucking way anything is ever going to top that. EVER. So at least we were starting off from base level this year.

And happily, I had a fabulous time. I wanted to put on something special as a thanks to everyone who was there for me this year. As you guys know, it hasn't always been the easiest.

So after a scrummy breakfast at a cafe in the morning, I went shopping at the Adelaide Central Market with 2 of my bestest friends for all the fresh goodies we'd need to throw a house party at our place. Prawns, clams, bacon, herbs and citrus, gourmet bum-burner sausages (yes, they're full of chilli *grins*), and the freshest fruit and bread we could find.

The boys were putting the BBQ up when I got home, and I nearly died form the love. It's a fabulous contraption. I now feel like a Real Aussie.

Everone brought along a dish to share, so we were treated to a fried haloumi (sheeps milk cheese - trust me, it's heavenly) salad and a fresh fruit salad from Amy, DELICIOUS honey soy chicken from Marta, chunky vegie kebabs from Alison and the most incredible chocolate 'cake' I have ever had the pleasure of trying from Kylie. Seriously. The thing was more like a thick, set mousse. *dies*

Everyone was also asked to bring along a bottle of spirit or liqueur, and so The Hubby put his backpacker bartending skills to good use and made all manner of wonderful cocktails and shooters all night. As far as I can remember, we had Bacardi, Baileys, Kahlua, Midori, Triple Sec, white and orange Curacao, Mozart (chocolate liqueur), Gin, both raspberry and regular vodka, Cinzano vermouth and both butterscotch and chocolate schnapps at our disposal.

There were Cosmopolitans, Mojitos with fresh mint and lime, pineapple Daiquiris, cocksucking cowboys, quickfucks, and Toblerones to name just a few.

At 10 pm, we had a minute's silence to reflect on and pray/send positive energy for the tsunami victims in Asia. Words can't describe the grief we've felt over such a massive disaster happening in our own backyard. But that's another story for another time.

After that, things got a little crazy. Most everyone except The Boy and I was drunk by 8.30, so we had to make up for lost time after our hosting duties were finished.

At midnight the snogging started, as you do, and I don't think it stopped until everyone left at 3.30am. I guess people were just feeling the love *rofl*. Actually what happened was that I snogged one of my best girlfriends, and then another of my girlfriends wanted a go, all of whom shall remain nameless to protect the naughty. Hubby got photographic evidence *aheh*. Don't think those pics will be seeing the light of day ^.~.

And no, nothing went any further than that, but I forgive you for wondering.

I woke at about 9 to the worst hangover I've had all year. Arrrggghhh. Mark and Amy had slept over so we all congregated downstairs for coffee and a debrief. The basic ocncensus seemed to be that everyone had an awesome time.

Goes to show that the effort of a house party, combined with no expectations and so many people you love can make for an excellent time. So, so pleased it came off so well.

Nicki rang at about 12 to come collect her car, so she and Matt dropped round and made us all pancakes while we watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Others dropped round during the day to pick stuff up or say thanks.

All in all, I can honestly say it was the best 48 hours I have spent since this time last year.

Two years in a row eh? Next year is obviously going to be positively sucky ^.~. Unless I've finally hit on the formula for a brilliant New Year's Eve.

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