September 26, 2004
ALL-NEW commenty goodness!

To all visitors here at DramaQueen: Due to unforseen circumstances, there have been issues recently with perusers of the content herein being unable to post a response to entries (otherwise know as 'commenting') due to the string 'http://' being added to the MuNuvian Blacklist. 'Comments' were being rejected as containing 'questionable content'.

Please note that this situation has now been rectified forthwith, however it is recommended that you still refrain from using 'http://' anywhere in your responses to entries.

Thank you, and please enjoy your stay here at DQ central.
The Administrators.

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September 11, 2004
the importance of a good plan

Hey, you know all that stuff I was gonna get done today?

Well. Blogs were surfed, tea was drunk, dressing gown was inhabited, Buggles was be-tyred... and that's about it.

*cheerful grin*

No wonder I feel so good.

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August 30, 2004
spring clean

OK. So before I go any further, before I figure out how to brain dump the last 3 months into one concise paragraph, and before I explain, elaborate and elucidate even as to what exactly happened to me 3 months ago, I have to face the fact that I, goldie of dramaqueen, have a problem.

I have far too many disgustingly obese blogrolls. Worse than McFat kids even.

So. Guess what I'm doing while I wait to be Moxie-fied...?

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August 29, 2004
is this thing on?

mwuhahahaha... I've been unleashed on MuNuviana! Stay tuned...

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