Friday September 10, 2004
did someone say relax and take it easy?

Ahhh... nothing like a free day off. A day where I can do absolutely anything I want. A day in which I can be a completely lazy-assed bitch and absolutely no one will care.

Surf blogs all day? Yep! Tweak my new templates so they're just right? Yep! Sit round in my fluffy duck dressing gown til 4pm, drinking cup after cup of strong tea? You betcha baby!

...that is, of course, after I go to the doctor for new prescriptions for my anxiety and asthma. And to Bunnings for the spring onions they didn't have last week, and for the weed killer I forgot to buy. And to the tyre shop to replace Buggles' balding tyres (they should make Rogaine for cars). And after I write an application for the rather snazzy job I saw in Saturday's paper. Not to mention clean up the bedroom, as my warbrobe seems to consist of the walk-in robe and about 1/3 of the carpet.

Yep. Nice quiet day off for this lil ole dramaqueen.

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