Tuesday September 07, 2004
cherry blossoms in the breeze

Ahhh. I love September.

Spring has definitely started sprung-ing. The Royal Adelaide Show is in full swing (complete with the All New, All Amazing Pig Diving Act!). Most of my herbs n veggies are in pots (basil, sage, capsicum [or bell peppers to the uninitiated], garlic and roman strawberries, but there wasn't any spring onion *horror*). The cherry blossoms are out in Pennington Gardens. It stays light after 6pm. I gallavanted saucily about in a vintage singlet top on Saturday night and was actually hot (...temperature-wise, that is). And my lil sis has even fallen in love (amazing how positive that is for the immune system).

And... most critically important of all...

The new season TV shows are finally here. Which means 6 Feet Under (in the cult 10.30pm channel 9 timeslot usually occupied by either it or the Sopranos... I'm still on a high from the first episode, which I just watched), Survivor Vanuatu (cannibals eat your heart out), and ... Australian Idol.

My money's on Chanel and/or Marty to inherit the crown - a modest vintage princess in the vein of Bjork and a versatile chrome dome with no problems being himself. I don't know about you...

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