Tuesday September 07, 2004
a wonderful new me

*slinks secretly in*

*slips seductively into her stylish and ever-so-slightly salacious new skin*

Welcome to the All New dqHQ... won't you stay a while for my skin-warming party? *oo-er*

What do you think of the place? Bit of Billie Holliday playing over here, some organza thrown over the dressing screen over there... and a Gin 'n' Tonic with Extra Lemon for everyone who comes through the door.

What's that? You'd like to know who my decorator is? Why, none other than the delectable Cherry at Web Divas. Do have a look at their portfolio and brilliant specials, and make sure you tell them goldie sent ya.

And Cherry, thanks for your fabulous work and for being so patient with all my tweaks and template issues. You're just fabulous hon!

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