Monday October 25, 2004
Yeah baby!

I GOT IT! I actually got it! RAWR!

*runs around the room, just barely avoiding the bewildered cat*

Ahhhh. Some days, it's good to be alive *deep breath*!

The coolest thing? I went in, and I told the truth... About me. About what I've done. About what I like, and what I'm capable of. And they liked it. They liked me for me.

I have a good feeling about this. They're getting a temp for three months because they want to fill the role permanently (it literally takes that long to fill a gov position) and they have too much stuff going on to wing it til February. So if I do good... if I can prove myself, it may just mean a permanent possie in my dream role as a Communications Manager in three months time.

This chick told me to just have faith that the universe would look out for me. And how :). Thanks for all the good vibes from across the blogosphere this morning people. It really has meant the world to me!

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