Monday October 18, 2004
i'm free to do what i want any old time

Well I did it. I resigned! *giggles*

It was all very routine. I wrote a few lines on a piece of paper, printed it, signed it, and gave it to my boss with a smile. Who knew it could be so easy? Who knew it would feel so surreal.

A few people who know how I've been feeling were asking me if I felt better, if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders as soon as I gave away that fateful piece of paper.

And the answer is no... not exactly. Cos that weight actually lifted on Friday, as soon as I realised I had options. Once that was confirmed, I knew I didn't have any more excuses to stay. No wonder my heart was singing :D. Now I'm so happy it's taking requests.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say what I'm actually going to do. I made the conscious decision to go temping/contracting for a while, so I can finally get some private sector experience after 5 years of Goverment whoring. I desperately want to work in PR/Media/Marketing in either an agency or a big corporate, but there was no way they were going to look at me with only gov experience under my belt. So off I go, on to new adventures.

Oh, and the girls at work did suck :D. Icing on the cake really.

Side note: that happiness better come with Long Lasting 48 Hour Relief. Tomorrow is B-is-for-braces-Day, and I'm going to need every ounce of good humour to stop me from acting the wounded bear tomorrow night. Someone save my longsuffering!husband, please?!

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