Monday October 18, 2004
the darkest hour is just before dawn...

...and so I deliberately got up at 5 to see the sunrise.

Mmm. Spring! I love this week before Daylight Savings takes our bodyclocks an hour into the future. By 5.45 am, it's so bright outside the birds have stopped their morning song and wandered off to find food before harassing their mate for a shag. Romantic, eh?

saggitarius.jpgGeneral daily overview: The Moon in Sagittarius requires us to envision not just what is in our immediate environment, but the whole picture. We need to stretch our minds as far as we can in order to make the most of this phase. And we are given impetus as mental Mercury forms an easy trine aspect with eccentric Uranus, turning our most stable ideas into fast-changing quicksilver. There's an electrical charge in the air as these two mental planets work together to create a superconductive atmosphere where intellectual sparks fly and original thoughts are easily expressed.
The time seems right for a change of season.

I'm handing in my Two Weeks Notice today. Wish me luck.

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