Wednesday October 13, 2004
ooohhh... melrose place!
Goldie, You light-hearted Geminis are often the quick-footed players who seem to have a good time even in difficult situations. Now, however, you might be too stressed to enjoy yourself fully as your key planet, Mercury, tries to overcome the resistance of Saturn. You could be afraid of losing what goodies you already have and this makes you want to clench your muscles and hold your breath. Unfortunately, this will have the opposite effect of what you desire. Be real, but remember this stress will soon transform into easy expression.
Lord. Doncha hate it when your horror-scope is right on the button?

I'm sick again. I don't think I ever got over the last infection, even though I did everything my doctor asked me. It's frustrating me that I can't be my usual fun, flirty, happy self, either online or in 'real' life, because I'm either sick or stressed. It's a bit of a vicious cycle - one always leading to the other. And it can all be traced back to one thing... where I work.

Even though I've made a lovely new friend there who sweetly listens to me when I'm down and shares an amazing amount in common, the place still craps the hell out of me for various reasons.

Most of them are of the female human variety, and their nasty little habits of lowering their voices when I walk around the corner, or all standing at the girl beside me's cubicle and planning what they're doing this Saturday night. Even though they know I was unceremoniously dumped from the group. It doesn't help that I feel one of them is hampering me from doing my job either.

The New moon in Libra eclipses the Sun at 10:58 pm EDT, releasing change in relationship dynamics. Every month, the New Moon initiates the next emotional cycle by eliminating what needs to be left behind. An eclipse increases the level of intensity by bringing situations to a head. Additionally, our rational mind is given a reality check as Mercury the Messenger comes to square stern Saturn. We run into a problem with authority if we haven't done our homework. Ideas that cannot be justified now must be changed.
Guess today is Judgement Day.

Bring it, Libra New Moon-Eclipse-like-event. I need the strength to deal with all this shit once and for all.

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