Tuesday October 12, 2004
two more days... two more days... *mutters to self*

So. My brand, spankin' new phone arrives on Thursday *woot*. 'Course I had to order it direct from Three cos my old one had been stolen. They apparently have a policy about that. Weird.

I've been so communication-starved and in withdrawal-like shakes that I didn't care in the end... maybe that's their evil plan? Wait til their customers are so txt-deprived and desperate that they can't stand it any longer and give in to their evil plans of phone domination with barely a whimper?!? *mwuhahahaha*?? Aheh.

But anyways, the next model up from my old one was exactly the same price, so at least I'm upgrading.

*steal's hubby's phone for a quick txt-fix*

posted by goldie @ 12:54 PM on 10.12.04 :  ping
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