Monday October 04, 2004
bring it, murphy

Yeah, I know I'm kvetching again, but this time I have something to kvetch about.

No, really.

After listing it as one of my most treasured possessions on Thursday, my beautiful, gadgety, downright indispensible 10-week-old mobile phone was stolen out from under my nose at a nightclub last night.

Words cannot explain how much this pisses me off right now. I do have insurance, but why should I have to go through that fucking hassle just because some dickwad helped him-or-herself to my hardearned goods? And what about the irreplaceable stuff? All those contacts. All those pictures. All those messages, especially ones of love and support from friends, family, sisters and husband, sent right when I needed them most. Those memories... those reminders... gone forever.

May karma visit upon that creep with infected genital herpes and humiliatingly bad sex for the rest of their shallow little life. Fucktard.

posted by goldie @ 07:51 PM on 10.04.04 :  ping
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