Thursday September 30, 2004

Here they are! Thanks to everyone who made requests. I've done almost all of them - except Harvey's, which was censored, and Helen's, cos I haven't gone through all my old pics yet *grin*.

Magical mikey wanted: *an aussie xmas card [1] taken xmas day 2002 - see sister Lauren's bon-bon hat, and [2] taken on xmas day 2001 at the big presents near the Brewery in Adelaide. Not cards, cos I couldn't find any, but Xmas on a summers day nonetheless.
* A toilet flushing. Although no spiral visible. Sorry!
* And a love note. Look! It even rhymes! (no rack, I'm saving that for Boobie-thon).

The lovely Rose wanted: * brekkie (it's boiled, I eat them on the bus).
* Stinky tasty stuff on toast ('cept I'm not eating toast atm, so the vegemite will just have to do).
* My fave beverage in a glass/bottle etc. I will accept lesser versions, however I prefer the best not that I've ever tasted it.

Margi, you sexay thang, wanted: * The desk, where the blogging gets done [1] [2]. Spot the mega-huge Aussie Starbucks mug. This is USB/email-enabled puter, with the ridiculously big monitor. Which is why some of these pics are prolly way too big, I lose all sense of proportion *sigh*. Sorry bout that.
* Fave shoes with feet in them. Even though Julie was good and only showed one pair, I couldn't choose (spank me)... going out killer heels [1] [2] (you can see puter 2's desk in those shots... and a sign that we perhaps shouldn't have in the house) and fave work flats/casuals.
* A prized possession, something near and dear to my heart. Well, many of the things I'm posting are indeed that (buggles, tarot decks, josie), so I give you this [1] [2] cos I simply cannot live without it. Oh. And these two don't go astray either <3 <3. The other prized 'possession' wasn't sure about having his pic on DQ. Hehe.

When all else fails, I've kept this on my fridge for 3.5 years now, ever since my sis Lauren wrote it. Yes, I have the erotic version of Magnetic Poetry. What did you expect?

Delicious Daniel wanted: * fave logo T (I'm working on it)
* Fave tarot deck. I've gone with two: the one I read most with (complete with thai silk bag and the encyclopedia Daniel wishlisted me for my birthday in June <3), and one I just had to buy cos it's so darned cool... the Limited Edition Rock n Roll Tarot. Try n spot Tory, Bjork, NIN, Pumpkins, Stipe etc.
* Our matching VW Bugs. But I had mine first. Ner.

G-Fry wanted: * Whatever toilet is closest to me right now. See above, honey.

Ms. Empress wanted: * a picture of my pet. I give you... JOSIE, THE FLUFFER! Hear her roar!

Mainey mainey Maine wanted: * A picture of me reading blogs... well, I'm behind the camera, so...
* My TV and remote control. I did take a pic, but it was crap, so this one's still on the way
* My left hand. Each to their own. Here are both hands even. Ignore the manky nails, all my frenchies came off and I'm getting them put back on tomorrow night :).

Ev baby wanted: * a whole bunch o' ridiculous stuff that, while it made me *rofl*, I'm not going to bother with. *grin*
* Fave T-shirt: vintage or classic - again, will have to get back to you cos I forgot to get into my drawers with the camera tonight! Oo er.
* My CD collection. Now, all my music is on the puter these days, I gave away most of my CD's ages ago in a fit of Spring Cleaning (sacriledge I know, but they went to a good home... rest assured they included lots of Blur, Oasis, U2, Pumpkins, Pixies, Bjork, Tori, They Might Be Giants, Sleeper, Pulp, The Cure, Garbage, Blink 182 and many other upbeat poppy things, including about 10 different 80's collections). However, this may suffice. It's my dream to have a library one day.
* A pic of me putting on my face... forgot to take the pic this morning! Coming soon to a mirror near you.
* Desserts. Looks like ice cream and fruit muffins :).
* My inbox.
* ANNNNNDDDDD..... A pic of Ev's comment. *grin*

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