Wednesday September 29, 2004
a pic is worth a least a couple of interesting posts

Meme-age, which I scavenged from Ms. Pants cos it's wicked:

--Think of a picture youd like to see from me.
--Leave whatever youd like to see in the comments; things around the house, whatever, stuff that's easily photographed.
--Once I have enough requests, Ill start posting them.
--If I cant feasibly take a photograph of what you'd like to see, I'll let you know and you'll be welcome to give me another option or to tell me to piss off.
--If you ask for something that is pervy and/or I'm not up for it, I'll make fun of you publically. Or not.

PROGRESS (only cos I woke up at 4am): I took heaps of shots last night and had a ball, although none of them are uploaded yet as I fell asleep watching Law and Order sexy!hubby had to work on the USB-enabled 'puter, and now that puter is virus-checkin'.

(Which is also another reason I don't always get to emails quickly - they all get downloaded to that puter, and I only have mail2web and 1 day worth of server time to get to them on this side of the room.)

Other pics may take a day or two - Harvey, I think yours may require a fake tan. Were just coming out of winter here, yo. And mikey, I went for the flush, but I don't think it will answer your question - there was no 'spiralling'. Maybe I'll have to run a bath and let that out to capture it... And Helen... you evil chick *wink*. Believe me, there are WAY too many frumpy pics of me at my mum's place, mainly cos I was a extremely tardy bloomer.

Oooh. Goldie said 'bloomer'.

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