Sunday October 03, 2004
she'll be right, mate

I was having a lovely day. It's beautiful outside, I've been emailing with this chick, that chick, another chick, oh and these blokes, I'm wearing a beautiful brand new floaty pink skirt (assymetrical, cotton and cut on the bias), and I had the Breakfast of Champions (read: tea and half a block of Cadbury Breakaway).

Then. THEN. During the course of some emailings, I was reminded of my aborted attempt to sign up for audblog a couple of weeks ago. I mean, it'd be so cool to actually chat with you guys in an Aussie accent, specially since they're offering a free trial.

But because of my previous attempt, it seems to think I'm already a member when I didn't even provide a PIN last time... and it's fucking me riiiight off.

Blasted bloody mongrel drongo piece of technology (and believe me... that sounds so much better in my Steve Irwin/Muriel's Wedding accent). Way to ruin my Sunday!

posted by goldie @ 02:04 PM on 10.03.04 :  ping
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