Wednesday October 06, 2004
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I'm feeling a little quiet the last few days. I found out today that it's going to cost me either $342 for a refurbished handset, or $464 for a new one to replace the most prized and worshipped phone that complete wanker stole from me. I don't have much choice either - our contents insurance has said they won't cover it because I was away from the house when it was stolen, and I'm still contracted to Three, so I'd have to pay out all 22 months left on my contract if I wanted to port my number elsewhere and get a cheaper phone. Which obviously wouldn't be worth it.


In other news, busy!hubby and I are just exhausted, even though I have no real right to be. busy!hubby spent his whole 3-day weekend painting a mural (6 meters x 3 meters, ie, HUGE), and he timelapse-photographed the whole thing in 1 minute intervals, meaning I have been without camera to finish taking pics.

He also got a gig taking photos at a huge dance party Sunday night. Which ended up costing me $45 to get in (they only comped him, not me), $5 for one Lime and Soda Ruski, and $342 minimum for a new phone.

And finding the asswipe who stole it and plucking out their nose and toe hairs one by one til there were none left? Well. That would be priceless.

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