Friday October 08, 2004
leo.jpgGeneral daily overview: The Moon in fiery Leo demonstrates her feelings with pride. This isn't always about being the boastful show-off. It can also represent the person with quiet confidence who is working backstage. Ultimately, the Leo Moon just needs to speak the truth out loud, and there can be a directness and relentlessness to how we now express our feelings. Additionally, mental Mercury forms a minor tense aspect with erratic Uranus, turning up the volume on our nervous system. Rest and relaxation may seem to be just around the next corner.
Well, there's a perfect horoscope for a Friday.

With the continuing transit of about a hundred planets in Libra, I'm thinking this weekend will be just perfect for staying in with your playmate, or picking up a new one for some intimacy of the slightly casual kind.

Although it doesn't mention anything about finding mobile phones. Meh.

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