Friday October 08, 2004
would you like fries with that?

I have a rather irreverent family. If you don't already, please take 90% of my posts with some boxed Maldon sea salt. Even when we're talking about the most serious of stuff, we love to laugh. And the laughter brings love :).

Case in point.

Setting: A few days ago in a small city café. Think light, bright, generic.

Me: How's your salad?
CY: YUM! Although you should see what I have to start eating next week.
Me: What? Did you go to the nutritionist?
CY: Yeah. Apparently my liver is filthy and dirty from all my treatment and needs a good cleanse.
Me: Eew. Not that you weren't already filthy. So you have to eat just veggies and stuff?
CY: And I'm only allowed fish, no meat. And I hate fish. *screws up nose* And it all has to be organic. I'm not allowed sugar, just pure organic hippy honey from like one tiny little stall in the Central Market.
Roja: *chuckles* And... tell her the rest...
CY: OH! No dairy! No caffeine!!!! I might die!!! And I have to eat all these seeds. Like flaxseed and linseed and some other kind of bloody seed every single day.
Me: *looks comically aghast*
CY: It's not enough that I've lost my hair. Maybe I should just move in the with budgie now. Hey! I might sprout some feathers...?!
Me and Roja: *spit drinks all over the table*

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