Thursday October 14, 2004
goldie reloaded

I went in to work this morning to finish some stuff off before I spend a few days at home recovering, and I'm so glad I did: my new phone came in a day early!

Never mind that it's taken over 12 hours for my number to port over to my new sim... it's been worth it to hold that sleek, stylish, gorgeous gadget in my grateful hands once again. *shivers*

In other news, there was no Judgement Day today. I know, I know, how boring. No biblical rain of fire. No souls being carted off screeching on their way to hell. No Governator pointing a flame thrower at Cyberdine Systems croaking 'Hasta la vista. Baby' in that robot-like accent (although I do admit, that would have been kinda cool).

Nope. I have a few nice, quiet, non-dramatic days ahead of me now to rest and recuperate. Yep. I really did say non-dramatic. 100% Drama-Free™. I'm not even going to watch daytime television.

Lord. I may even actually relax :D.

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