Friday September 24, 2004
bitch 'n' moan

I thought anti-biotics (particularly those of the horse-sized penicillin variety) were sposed to make you... you know... GET BETTER?

Well I'm on my second prescription of those fuckers and about the only reaction my body's giving me is a sore set of intestines as the HSP's eat away all the good bacteria in my body, while letting the bad stuff run rampant.

In fact, I think the bad stuff is having a party in the sinuses near my eye sockets right now, and has been for a couple of days. Not even codeine is inhibiting the pain those flithy little bastards are projecting throughout my entire head. Hell, I even have panadeine plus (that's 15 mg of codeine per tablet baby) and it's not doing a goddamn thing.

On top of all that, I'm due at the dentist for 2 fillings at 9am this morning.

Welcome to my world.

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