Tuesday November 30, 2004
candy cane anyone?

OK, OK, I know. I've been a little flakey lately.

Not to mention a bit of a cock-tease. What with the flirty comments I whispered to you in my last entry, only to abandon you, breath baited, pupils dilated, obsessively hitting refresh... just waiting to read what I'd write next...

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? ;)

In all seriousness, I do deserve a spanking. Does it help if I say I'm sitting here in sopping wet cotton lycra, just waiting to peel off the sodden layers... (hey. It was raining after Pilates, OK)? No?

Well how about my cheeky new holiday layout, courtesy of the Moxielicious Julie? (if you can't see it, click here. I promise it'll leave a lasting impression). C'mon! That must make up for something...

Oh. OK. Fair enough. I understand. I guess all a girl can do is bribe, kiss ass and generally suck up big time work extra hard to regain your trust. Suggestions welcome!!!

posted by goldie @ 08:57 PM on 11.30.04
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