Thursday December 02, 2004 name? erm...

Right. Yanno Mercury, that planet that rules the communication and mental abilities? Well, he's on his third retrograde period for the year right now. Right up until Dec 20.

Expect road rage, mixed messages, arguments with partners, broken photocopiers, internet issues, fist fights with other christmas shoppers, and to feel basically like an eejit for the next while. Especially if you happen to be a Gemini (like me) or a Virgo, as Mercury is their ruling planet.

Oh joy. What a fabulous day to have a job interview.

Nah, it's not all bad. They've advertised to fill the job I'm currently doing on a permanent basis, and I know they think I'm OK *yay*. But I have written out a cheat-sheet, just in case... :D

posted by goldie @ 06:11 AM on 12.02.04
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