Monday September 20, 2004

karma_delux_box_big.gifRemember the entry I wrote last week, featuring Lush Cosmetics in juxtaposition to nasty big corporate conglomerates who have lost sight of their customers among other things?

Well, right now I'm a little speechless... you see, I had been busy figuring out what I wanted to buy from Lush, which inspired the post. Then I sent the team a link to said post, mainly cos I'm a pr/marketing girl myself and I like to know when I'm spanking my target audience in a manner that pleases them. I figured they would too.

I was right. And apparently they liked it.

In fact, they liked it so much that when they packed up my order, they thought to drop a little something (with a 5ml perfume instead of the 30ml in the link) in the box along with everything else!

*does cartwheels around the house*

THANK YOU Lush! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now there's a company who knows how to do business - by keeping their customers happy (and not just with their heavenly aromatherapy). I know I'll certainly be telling more people in Adelaide to start ordering online. And it's not like they had to convince me. I was already a loyal customer. The products are unique and quite frankly sell themselves.

And if that's not enough to convince you of their coolness, no-one can resist a company with hilariously in-depth answers to questions like "Why did Nostradamus get it wrong and how far out do you think he was?", "Which dog has the deepest woof?", "How do you explain the current slump in the American economy?", and "Are you lot bonkers or what?" in their FAQ.

See? Kewler than Fonzie.

posted by goldie @ 07:41 PM on 09.20.04
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