Monday September 20, 2004
did anyone order lobster thermidor??

Anyone? ...Bueller? Because I seem to have gotten just a wee bit excited about our 22 degree C weather yesterday and overdosed on the ole sunshine. Hmmm. Yes.

It was worth it though. Several of my friends gave the annual City to Bay Fun Run a go in the morning, and although I piked cos I've been sick last week (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it), I joined them to celebrate my friend Tanya's (of the now-retired Tanya's Harp fame) birthday on the beach. Yum!

However due to the fact that a) on Saturday during my retail therapy session, I had procured the very same blue babydoll top as seen on the mannequin in this shot, and b) the ambient temperature outside was just about at 'strip off n get sexy' level... well, I had no choice but to expose some flesh of the shoulder and decolletage variety. I mean, come on!

Ergo, I am now suffering for my overindulgence. But it's allll good. Between Port Power winning their semi-final (Aussie Rules footy, dontcha know. It has just about religious status here) and today's 26 degree effort from the weather gods, everyone was in a good mood at work today. So I wasn't going to let a little sunburn piss me off. =D

posted by goldie @ 06:52 PM on 09.20.04
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