Tuesday September 21, 2004
skinny dippin'

Spring gets me thinking about beautifying all sorts of stuff (hence my Lush orders *grin*). Which you may have noticed, given the four skins (designs) I now have prettying the place up here at DQ.

So I'd already picked out an image for my next skin (to give DQ a taste of the Aussie Summer), and I sent it to Diva Cherry for her opinion, with the aim of having a go at this whole designing thing myself. Lo and behold, the sweetheart was on a slow day and skinned it all up for me as a present! Hah!

As we say in Aussie, "legend... legend... deadset legend". That means you're fucking fabulous Cherry. Everyone. Go give Cherry a hug.

I'm keeping the skin under wraps til the end of October, but check out shag.com and see if you can't find my source image.

Meanwhile, Julie has been most busy designing up the holiday skin I was lucky enough to score via this moxie special. Without giving too much away (although it is about the place in portfolios and the like), this skin will have you thinking 'cheeky' thoughts about Xmas 'stocking stuffers'. *wink*


Ooo er! I'm almost looking forward to Xmas now. *naughty grin*

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