November 30, 2004
candy cane anyone?

OK, OK, I know. I've been a little flakey lately.

Not to mention a bit of a cock-tease. What with the flirty comments I whispered to you in my last entry, only to abandon you, breath baited, pupils dilated, obsessively hitting refresh... just waiting to read what I'd write next...

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? ;)

In all seriousness, I do deserve a spanking. Does it help if I say I'm sitting here in sopping wet cotton lycra, just waiting to peel off the sodden layers... (hey. It was raining after Pilates, OK)? No?

Well how about my cheeky new holiday layout, courtesy of the Moxielicious Julie? (if you can't see it, click here. I promise it'll leave a lasting impression). C'mon! That must make up for something...

Oh. OK. Fair enough. I understand. I guess all a girl can do is bribe, kiss ass and generally suck up big time work extra hard to regain your trust. Suggestions welcome!!!

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November 13, 2004

p-wonka.jpgCourtesy of Dark Horizons.

The thought of this man, in this role, with this man directing a story by one of the most darkly humourous and innovative writers of well... ever, is sending tingles to places in my body you prolly don't want to know about.

Aheh. Did I mention Mars (planet of passion) moved into Scorpio (planet of all things sexay, kinkay and downright evilicious) on Thursday? And, um, it's Spring Down Under? Plus, I'm feeling... you know... HAPPY (bordering on euphoric), for the first time in months?

Yep. I've never felt more naughty in my life. Be warned. Be very warned.

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November 12, 2004
*sheepish grin*

OMG quick post cos I'm late, yet feeling rather guilty and sad about my lack of postage lately...

1) My new job ro0x0rs my bo0x0rs. Oh yeah baby. My team mate and my bpss are great. The work is real. And they have no standards for comms/design, let alone picky people with mnothing better to do, so we get to make it all up from scratch. Woohoo!

2) The new wardrobe is going down a treat *grin*

3) Although I had a very Bridget Jonesian moment the other night at a networking do.
Me (to fabulously funky copywriter): sooo... you must hate coming to these things sometimes and having to chat with erm... people you don't know, right?

(dies of embarrasment ... and that was mild. I think I blocked out thge more excrutiating stuff I said to him)

4) They've advertised my role for permanent filling, and the application is due today, hence my spending time on this puter doing other things. Fingers crossed...

5) Is it friggin' Friday already? I'd forgotten what it was like to be so happy at work that you don't notice the days slipping away. Really. I've been like a happy nutty bouncy extrovertedly giggly thing the whole fortnight. I think I'm still adjusting to this whole 'new me' thing I've got going on.

Argh. Gotta run!

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November 03, 2004
i'll be back. erm... soon.

Aheh. Can't blog, busy. I'll return to the land of the living blogging this evening.


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