Friday October 15, 2004
she turns a phrase just... 'so'

My dear and totally fabulous friend Gab (who is quite the elocutionist... witty AND poignant all at the same time) recently fired up on blogspot to chat about her pending travel odyssey around the globe.

I met Gab early last year when we both started studying our Grad Dip in Communications, so it's no surprise she can write. Apart from making ridiculous allegations pertaining to my 'coolness' *ahem*, she's agonising over whether it's worth going to her 10 year high school reunion (pre-travel odyssey), only to face...

*dum dum DUUUUMMMM*

...the Catholic School Girl Beret, apparently still buried deep inside herself. Which she was sure she'd actually sterilised clean out of her psyche with beer and vanilla Mojitos since.

I totally sympathise, Gab. I went to mine and it was horribubble really. Although that may have something to do with the fact that I overly sampled the open bar. Seeing my Catholic Girls High School again was enough to drive anyone to the drink.

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