Monday October 11, 2004
the amazing disappearing woman! for a short time only...
virgo50.jpgGeneral daily overview: After a couple of weeks of powerful interplanetary activity, finally we have a quieter and gentler day. The Moon is in analytical Virgo where she reminds us to be careful about what we accept. And, lest things get too relaxing, the Sun forms a mildly tense aspect with the wild and crazy planet, Uranus. Still, this is the calm before the storm, for Mercury is pushing on its Square to heavy Saturn, which challenges authority. Additionally, the New Moon eclipse on Wednesday will surely turn things upside once again.
That's OK. I'm used to things being turned upside down, so hopefully it should be a nice surprise for me for a change :D.

Meanwhile, I have been keeping things from you. Yes, hard to believe, I know. But you understand right? A girl's weight is a sensitive issue.

Between antidepressants and CY's cancer, I gained about 8 kilos (20 pounds?) this year. Which on my 5'10" (178cm) frame wasn't as noticeable as if it had been on, say, someone who was 5'5". But it's pushed me up a dress size or two nonetheless.

Grrr. I don't like not being able to wear my favourite clothes.

So anyways, I started Atkins just over 2 weeks ago. I fell off the wagon on the first Friday and had a whole weekend of carb-related indulgence equivalent to fantastic sex (raspberry choc chunk muffin anyone? *drool*), but I willingly got back on board and carried on putting cream in my tea *ergh*.

And now, Monday 2.5 weeks after I started, I've lost over 4 of those kilos already (I think that's 10 pounds?). Sure, I've been eating a lot of Caesar Salad and scrambled eggs, but who doesn't love a brekkie of the eggy variety? And it helps that an Aussie company has finally produced some Atkins-friendly chocolate. I've been scarfing the stuff down and watching the kilos melt away.

Here's to those other 4 kilos (and maybe a third lot of 4) going off to possibly be tortured and beaten mercilessly fat-land, never to return *cheers*.

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