Sunday September 26, 2004
lazy sunday fun

Via Gennie and rachel: a meme! The first meme while I've been at in fact.

The Saturday 8 ('cept it's really Sunday down under):

1. How many people have you dated that were not naturalised citizens of your country?
Quite a few actually. My husband was born in Ireland and is half Irish/half Dutch, and a Canadian citizen (Vancouver for 7 years). Plus I dated another Irish guy (a resident but not a citizen), a Liverpudlian and a Scottish bloke. It got to the point when people would see me eyeing off a guy and they'd ask "Does he have an accent? Cos if not, he won't be Goldie's type." But it wasn't on purpose, I swear!!!

2. Have you ever dated someone that was not of your race? How did that work out?

3. How many different countries have you visited?
To borrow Gennie's response, "Sadly, none. I plan to remedy that one day." Yes. I guess I need a passport first. It doesn't help that sexy!hubby has been just about EVERYWHERE *grrr*

4. If you could go to a specific country of your choice ... no expenses spared ... where would go visit, and why?
Well Ireland of course. Maybe we'll go with rachel and Gary. sexy!hubby actually wants to take me to Vancouver first though.

5. My favourite food is Greek food (i'm American). What is your favourite international flavour?
In Aus we have sooo many different cuisines, especially Asian due to its proximity and the amount of Asian people living here, so we get treated to all sorts of amazing cuisines. I adore Thai, Indian and Japanese, and I also LOVE Mexican and Italian. YUM!

amelie.bmp6. I love French and Indian movies. What other countries' movies do you enjoy?
Like Gennie, I love British/Irish movies. I grew up with them. I don't much like Aussie movies lately (blasphemy!), but I adored Muriel's Wedding and Priscilla =D. I also love French films (Amelie, the Apartment and Betty Blue to name a couple) no matter how cliched that may sound. I don't mind American movies on average, but what a generalisation that is! Eg, American indie cinema is FABULOUS, while the mainstream stuff averages OK. Depends on what genre you like I guess.

7. How many other languages do you speak besides your native language?
I can speak a little Italian. I'd love to live in France and learn the language from the locals like a friend of mine did.

8. Do you have international friends, and what countries do they come from?
To borrow another response from Gennie, "Thanks to the internet and this blog, I have friends from all over the world. And I love you all! :)" Ditto babe! *mwah*!

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