Sunday September 26, 2004
Questionable B. Content

I've seen few posts about the place chuckling over the recent crop of 'spam names'. Lately the names showing up in my trash folder seem to consist of 2 randomly thrown together words, with an initial thrust deseperately between them in the hope that the recipient is either 5 years old or has an IQ < 10, and can be fooled into opening the mail (usually some dirty porn stuff ooo er!).

For example: Scrap R. Bridesmaids (what? You wanna elope? Or have you just had another bitchy tiff?), Reload F. Boudoir (so I guess the web cam stuffed up in the brothel again...), Heinous P. Hallucinate (those were some REALLY BAD shrooms, man!!!!), and Oscillating A. Pooh [whose actual email adress was] (so the shit really DID hit the fan!!!)

But my favourite of late was Spermicides D. Thesauruses.

Any thoughts on what this one could mean? *boggle*

posted by goldie @ 10:14 AM on 09.26.04 :  ping
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