Sunday September 12, 2004
in memoriam

There are a few posts around the place on exactly where people were when they heard about 9-11.

I remember getting a call at about 11.15 pm (Aussie time) that night from a good friend saying "Ohmigod, ohmigod! They've flown into the World Trade Centre in New York!".

You might kill me for this, but the next thing I thought was "". Really. Which I think was more a testament to all the movies and television I'd seen documenting disasters. It truly didn't feel real to me, and I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

It didn't help that I happened to be snogging away in the back corner of Spats Cafe on my second date with my now-husband.

In fact it didn't hit me at all until I got home later that night and saw the horrific images on the news... images of the planes careering straight into the buildings. Of the people trapped inside jumping resignedly to their deaths, rather than waiting helplessly to be crushed or consumed by fire. Of the firefighters who charged in fearlessly to save the lives of those who couldn't help themselves, and ended up sacrificing their own.

Even in a country thousands of miles away, we'll never forget.

We keep a huge piece of broadsheet newsprint, a full colour panorama of the massacre, tacked up on our office wall to remind us of those qualities that separate us from the animals: compassion, conscience, tolerance and intelligence. And regret.

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