Tuesday September 28, 2004
taking stock (no pun intended)
aries.jpgGeneral daily overview: Our impulses pull us to the edge of the emotional cliff with the Moon now in Aries. It is, however, being offset by the planetary traffic jam in Libra, the sign opposite to Aries. Today, Mercury the Communicator enters Libra to join expansive Jupiter, aggressive Mars and the Sun. Our thoughts seek harmony and balance in the rational realms. The philosophical perspective allows us to move away from self-interest and toward a more global view. An optimistic outlook can help us make positive steps in our lives.
That's one hell of a Libran line-up. Expect to be a little more judgemental than usual, as well as a little more forgiving. Maybe an old relationship will finally be patched up, or an old hurt forgiven. Libra is all about checks and balances.

And believe me. Watch out for the fiery Aries full moon tomorrow/Thursday night (Harvest Moon in the Northern Hemisphere). Things could get very heated very quickly. On the flip side, Aries moons are a great time to part-ay. Baby.

Me, I'm loving Mars in Libra. I'm finally letting out a shite-load of pent-up frustration (both here, other places, and in meatspace) and I feel so much better for it...

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