Monday September 27, 2004
darlin', darlin', I don't know why
libra. baby. General daily overview: The Moon is in compassionate Pisces today. We become more aware of other people's feelings but can also get confused about our own boundaries. The big cosmic news, however, is that Mars, the fiery God of War has left analytical Virgo to enter harmonious Libra. Mars moving through Libra until November 10 finds a nicer way to get what he desires. Since Libra seeks balance, Mars here likes to even the score. Although strategies become emphasized, we shouldn't discount the physical drive associated with this transit.
Ahhh... lovely Libra! How I have missed thee!

Get ready for not just a horny 6 weeks (the so-called "physical drive" of passionate Mars in partnership-oriented Libra... oo er), but an incredibly lucky 12 months in lovin'. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, is also in this sign of beauty, love and togetherness for a year. If you're lookin' for that special someone, now is sooo the right time.

And if you're just looking for a shag, the next 6 weeks should see you all buff in the boudoir more than once. Although don't go getting too rough and tumble, like these 2 did... (via ms empress and gennie)

Sing it with me... "Darlin' I... oh I... I can't get enough of your love baby..."

PS: in celebration of the new site, I decided to dust off the ole bodypaint pics cos I just love them SO MUCH.

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