Saturday September 11, 2004
making a grand entrance

I have a couple of different sides to me. Sometimes it causes problems, but mainly it just means I get enough variety in my day to keep me interested.

For example, the side with a little more devil in it had certain ideas for my first three skins: flirty, cheeky, fun yet classic.

And the side with a little more halo adores this classy new creation by Julie of blogmoxie: clean, stylish and downright glam.

Yep. Now I really do have something to keep both the horns and the halos happy.

You've outdone yourself Julie. And so quickly too! Thanks to the moxie team for such fabulous service - you girls sure know how to run a business!

And if you wanna get some moxie, now is the best time to do it with this fabulous holiday special. I can hardly wait to see what Julie comes up with for my holiday request...

*cheeky grin*

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