January 02, 2005
auld lang syne. and a hangover


Was waaay too hungover to post yesterday. However, it was International Hangover Day, so I figure I'm allowed *grin*.

First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! *sings, dances and lines blogroll up for snogs*

B) What do you think of my Shag-worthy summer skin? It's suummmmah Down Unnnnddaahhh, baby! This skin was a present from the gorgeously wonderful Cherry back in September. I've been waiting FOREVER to unveil it cos frankly, her work rocks. I was so flattered when she did this up as a surprise. Love your work honey!

And three, New Years Eve was 35 plus degrees celcius, and BLOODY BRILLIANT. Oh yeah, baby. Read on for chocolate n snogs galore, and throwing another shrimp on the brand new Barbie...


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